Sigma 135 1.8 Art Samples

At the last wedding I shot, I had the opportunity to shoot with sigmas new 135mm 1.8 art lens.  This lens is amazing and super sharp wide open.  subject separation and compression at distance is amazing! The bokeh is beautiful and focusing is fairly quick considering the long focus throw. There are 3 different focus zones that you can select to speed up focusing and the minimum focus distance is just under 3 feet so its damn near a macro lens. Its a little on the heavy side probably close to twice as heavy as the nikon 135 f2 but he weight isn't a huge issue. It feels comfortable on the camera for a lens with an 82mm front element. This lens is definitely going to have a place in my case.

The wedding was shot at The Old Mill in Rose Valley, PA

All Photos taken between F1.8 and F2